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Fragstuff: Video Game


  • Rosa A pic of Rosa from CV64 and Legacy of Darkness, done by request for Quita of CFAS.
  • Griffen Belmont He's the main character in my fic Castlevania Finale. I think this pic came out fairly well for being drawn by moonlight during a power outage
  • Simon Weissel a character whom also appears in Finale
  • assorted VampiresRight-mist vampire Left-fallenstein top Dracula all from Finale
  • Fallensteinthe Dark Reign version
  • Fallenstein Finale versionwhat the title says.
  • Final Fallenstein This is the beefed up version from his final battle.
  • Finale Dracula This is the version of Dracula which appears in Finale
  • varius Dracula designs Bottom, Rogue bitten "old" dracula. Young "Vlad" dracula, and Finale dracula top
  • Dracula in Full armorobviously inspired by Bram Stoker's dracula
  • Ultimate dracula The form Dracula took in the end of Finale
  • Simon Belmot just plain old simon belmont in color with some shading and looking badass.
  • DraculaLord of darkness. This pic is kind of old but I love the detailed wrinkles in his face.
  • Carrie FernandezFrom Castlevania64(too damn Kawaii). This is inspired by a sketch from the game's concept art. I just expanded on it.
  • Carriesame pic with digital color. This was my first attempt at digital color so don't be too judgemental.
  • Dracula/Malus Next to last boss of Castlevania 64.
  • Death oooh scary

    Chrono Trigger

  • Magus One serious badass I removed the cape and replaced it with a badass biker trench coat. cool huh.
  • MAGUSFrom Chrono Trigger (cause he's cool) This is my first magus pic. Highly detailed but the face is a little off.
  • a magus poster This one's rather scratchy. Last time I draw fanart in N0.2 pencil.

    Final Fantasy

  • Black mage Technicly this is from Final Fantasy 1 but highly inspired by the webcomic 8-bit theater.
  • JessieFrom FF7. Almost no one knows who Jessie is but she was damn cool.
  • Jessiethis is probably my best Jessie pic. She's a bit out of character here but I think she's cute don't you?
  • Jessie and Crow Leoa scene from my fanfic "second coming" Jessie appears in quite a few of my fanfics. If you want to know what the hech a FF6 character is doing in the same pic as a FF7 character then go read the fic
  • Jessie I drew her a bit younger than normal here. It's official Hfuff has the highest Jessie content online.
  • Jessie"that was easy enough" Don't F*ck with Jessie as she can do some serious damage. I tried a different coloring technique on this pic. I traced the lines with the mouse on a layer on top of the original image and colored the traced image. It was bloody hard and I don't think I'll do it that way again.
  • Jessie in turk outfit(Charcoal)What the Hell one more Jessie pic. This is from the fanfic lost soul.
  • TerraTerra from FF6 in esper form. No one ever draws terra in esper form so I decided to do it myself.
  • Celes This is the first time I've ever drawn celes as I wasn't too fond of her. But it did come out well and about the outfit...uhm...LOOK A FLYING DIGLIT *runs away*
  • Cloud StryfeOkay you better know who this is. I'm sure everyone's played FF7 by now. This is and old pic but it looks good.
  • KEFKAaka Evil clown on speed. My first Kefka pic. Not much going on here but it's a good likeness to destructoboy.
  • Twisted Jester this pic is in full digital color. It's kefka wearing a jesters hat while sporting an evil grin. in the last bit of editing I darkened the shadows to make him more sinister looking.
  • Mix up aparently the dry cleaners got the tags mixed up. or is this just SEPHKA!
  • Chibi Kefka and Sephiroth no two Villains are more different and I think I showed off their personallities well with this pic. okay I exhagerated a bit. I needed practice drawing chibis anyway
  • S&M Kefka well it was suposed to be Midieval Kefka but it came out more like S&M Kefka. I will not try that concept again.
  • Aerisas the Crow (a scene from Back on Earth) She looks kind of skinny here but I really liked the way the reflection in the puddle came out.
  • Aerisagain as the crow. (chorcoal) You know I never thought aeris could look so intimidating before I drew this.
  • Aeristhis one's very dark. It's an artistic statement as to the value of her sacrifice as it applies to her world.
  • AerisThis one is *gasp* NORMAL! I think this is the first time I ever used charcoal pencils. My hands were solid black by the time I finnished.
  • Sephiroth In plain clothesWhy did I draw this? I hate sephiroth! I tried to take away his whiny gothboyness and make him a little more human. While the pic looks cool sephiroth remains an asshole.
  • Squall LeonheartStill haven't played FF8 and I don't plan to. I actually drew this before FF8 came out which is why there are some differences between this version and the final version.
  • Terra casting fire I like the way the pose came out on this one but I got a bit uhm...creative with theoutfit. But hey look at the neat swirling fire.
  • TerraDon't get too exited now. Just a simple black and white nude. Shoulders and up you perverts.
  • Goth Terra This actually started as a joke on a mailing list and grew from there.
  • Fire and Ice Terra and Celes in their respective elements. the backgrounds actually took me longer than drawing the characters themselves.
  • Tifa Lockheart(Charcoal) Not much to say here it's just tifa.
  • Kefka threatens Jessiepoor Kefka, he doesn't know what he's getting into. Much like the Jessie/Leo pic you can read the fanfic Second Coming to find out what the Hell is going on.
  • Jessi wearing formal evening wear I just checked outside. Pigs are flying, the cows came home, and Hell has frozen over. But I think I made her legs too skinny.
  • Kefka giving you the universal gesture. The finger is becoming a theme on HFUFF lately.

    Guardian Legend

  • Densetsu in enhanced(barely present) battle suitdensetsu is the girl from the guardian legend manga. The Guardian Legend is also a helluva cool video game.
  • The girl from Guardian Legend a NES classic. This is based on the original game character as oposed to my Densetsu design.
  • last boss from the guardian legend Bad monster don't hurt hot girl. It's name is "IT" that's all I know. I just drew this because I was bored. I didn't expect it to look this good.


  • Megaman sitting I originally started this pic as an action pose but reworked the legs into a more simple sitting pose. Given Megaman is suposed to be childlike I wanted to give him an innocent appearance in this pic. It ended up looking like he tried to do some kind of action pose and fell down instead.
  • Leviathan From the Megaman zero series. I just wanted to try drawing her so there's nothing special about this pic.
  • Zero Does Laundry Yeah this pic was made for a joke. You think robots just walk through the carwash?
  • Dr. Cossack and Kalinka This was just a quick sketch I did for practice
  • Cutman BADASS Megaman 1's cutman with a few improvements. Since his design was so very simplistic I added some robotic details and gave him a huge honking pair of scissors.
  • Bass Out of the Flames Bass is badass. I wanted to show that in this pic and I think I succeeded. By the way he's suposed to be holding his head down which is why his head looks that way. It's because you're not looking at him face on.
  • Crash man Nothing special about this robot master but I always loved his look and he kicked my ass so many times when I was a kid before I figured out that I had to use the air shooter against him.
  • Shadow Man Robot Ninja, how cool is that? Yeah I know he's not suposed to have a scarf but who can resist drawing ninjas without long flowing red scarves.
  • Gutsman's Atlas I was just going to draw gutsman lifting a huge rock but I decided I might as well have some fun with it and have him carry it like Atlas.
  • Megaman XPretty cut and dried here. I tried to do a better job of immitating the megaman style than the below pic of original megaman.
  • Megaman And I mean the oldschool Megaman, not X. I experimented with not only multiple layer shading here but also with glare. I think it turned out fairly well.
  • Quickman.exe Yeah actually this is more based on the NT version of quickman. They may look similar but there are sublte differences like their chestplates.
  • Metalman My personal favorite robot master.
  • Protoman Not much to say here. It's Rock's big bro.
  • Fire man and Flame man A couple of pyromaniacs there. I originally was going to draw in burner man and heat man as well but I ran out of room.
  • Elecman pause unpause pause unpause....

  • Zero with two swords Because Zero is badass.
  • Deathtanz Mantisk My personal favorite of Weil's number. Scythes are cool.
  • The numbers' Day off Weils Numbers in casual clothing. Even evil robots get a day off after all.

    Original Robot Masters

  • Tsarina Dr. Cossack's Ultimate creation. Made to be as human as possible, Tsarina will appear in a Megaman Doujinshi I'm working on.
  • Dirge The main character of my in developement Doujinshi. Created by Wily but kind natured. This is just a study of his head so I could practice so it's not very good.
  • Dirge without helmeta study of Dirge without his helmet. His fase shows more turth to his character without the helmet.
  • Turbine Man His right arm generates the Turbine Hurricane, the most powerful (and only non sucky) water based attack yet seen, a horizontal cyclone of swirling water that rips toward the enemy. Vulnerable to the Ninja Dash.
  • Shock Man The final word in electric robots. Making use of design elements from Elec man, Spark Man, and Dynamo Man, Shock Man's electric attacks are huge, nearly undodgeble and devestatingly powerful. His most potent being the Arc Shocker which maintains a continuous flow of electrcity between him and his target constantly dealing damage. However he is not waterproof.
  • Vac Man Junk Man and Dust Man while they may have been the predecessors of Vac Man he more resembles Crash man and along that line of thought moves with equal grace. His Shrapnel Vacume not only draws enemies in but sends pices of debris ripping through them in the process only to fire back whatever he drew in as another projectile. However high voltage will damage his prescision control mechanisms.
  • Sky Man The variable geometry system of Turboman was employed to create Sky man while Tengu Man's high powered flight engiens were used to give him flight. Sky Man is the ultimate arial robot strafing enemies with his machineguns in vehicular mode and hovering, never quite touching the ground in robot mode, as he fires his devestating Homega missile, a powerful bomb that generates an enormous explosion, and if that weren't bad enough it's a homing weapon as well. Some say his legs are just for show as he's never seen to actually walk on the ground.
  • Luna Man Who knew the dark arts could be harnessed in a robot. His luna barrier absorbs damage and channels it into a power battery. At full power it explodes into the awsome black magic wave, a dark energy blast that nothing can avoid. He only drops his shield for a brief moment to attack with his magic bolts. Best to hit him with something huge while his defenses are down.
  • Kitsune Man A strangely vain robot, he wears a mask to protect his face. He can render himself invisible and stalk his enemies unseen. However his stealth ceases to function when he fires his primary weapon, the foxfire. What looks like a harmless leaf shaped piece of metal is thrown quickly at the enemy exploding into a pillar of flame on impact. He also has a short sword as a backup weapon. Being based on a mythical being it's best to use magic against him.
  • Commando man You can't have a set of robot masters without at least one millitary freak. Command Man weilds a heavy bazooka packed with an incendiary shell, a gattling gun for rapid fire attacks and his quad cluster homing missile launcher which fires his trademark missile storm attack, a flurry of missiles which on alternate paths home in on an enemy and strike from all angles.
  • Ninja Man Why make another ninja robot? Wasn't Shadowman enough? Someone didn't think so and created the more close range capable Ninja man. Though it could be argued that all that was really done was to give Shadowman a new helmet and a couple of swords. Ninja man dashes forward wildly swinging his swords in front of him. Due to his high speed it's best to fire a weapon at him which is difficult to evade.


  • ChuchinoChuchino is a Pikachu with a mohawk. Had a few appearances in the pokemon manga. This is a watercolor. The paint's ran a bit but I think I fixed it.
  • Mewtwo as a kitten Isn't he cute? The pic is rather tiny though.
  • Mewtowcarrying the sword of Darkness. This also stems from a fanfic. The pioneer sword of darkness series. Go read it. This is the first time I ever drew flames very well.
  • Mistythe manga version. Can you tell I like the manga?
  • Ash and Misty once again from the manga.
  • A poster of Ash Misty and Mewtwo This was actually based on a part of the pioneer series where Mewtwo kills Misty. You'll see that Ash is based on the manga counterpart.

    Samurai Shodown

  • Modernized Sogetsu and Kazuki This was a quick sketch I did when I was bored when I wondered what the characters would look like in modern atire. of course the way it came out Sogetsu ended up looking like the younger brother.
  • Zankuro a poster sort of thingy with a paraphrasing of a quote from Samurai Shodown 3.
  • Nakoruru and Rimururu this is a pencil drawing of the Ruru sisters. Obligitory cute girl and obligitory disgustingly cute girl.
  • Fallen UkyoA testimant to Ukyo's tragic end.
  • UkyoIn full glorious color. I altered his character design a little by replacing his hakama with wide leg pants and I lengthened his hair.
  • Redesigned Seigar I loved Seigar as a character in SS2 but his fighting style and weapon were just plain lame. To fit with a sword fighting game I gave him a nice broadsword and gave him some armor as well. After all he is suposed to be a knight.
  • ChamCham redesign Chamcham was another SS2 character I liked but didn't like the look. First of all she shouldn't be wearing a striped skin because there are no striped big cats in south america. So I replaced it with a striped cloth garb in an Aztec style. Yes I know she's supposed to be incan but look at TamTam he also dresses like an Aztec. Also the boomerang is not from South america either. So I gave her a sharpened staff. A weapon that's been around on all continents for over a million years. I removed the cat paws and tail though I did keep the cat ears and her outfit has a sort of Ribon tail on it.
  • Genjuro Vs. Haohmaru This is a pencil sketch I did mostly to work on bizzare camera angles and difficult poses. I think it came out fairly well. And don't fret Haohmaru fans Genjuro may look to have the advantage but his sword is turned the wrong way.
  • Shizumaru a full color pic of Shizumaru sitting around looking depressed
  • Basara This pic was an experiment with anatomical exhageration and high contrast to give him a more ghostly look.

    Soul Blazer Series

  • Angel doing some damage Some changes made to his character design you'll notice I added wings (I need to get over my habbit of putting wings on everything) and bulked him up. He's spattered with blood after laying the Godly smack down on some monster
  • Close up of Angel Just what it sounds like. Much closer to the real design here
  • This is my Sequal? A joke pic I did of Angel from Soul Blazer and Will from Illusion of Gaia. After all a holy killing machine might be a little dissapointed to find the heir to his legacy is a flute swinging kid. ah but at least there's freedan
  • Dark Ark and Meilin This is a scene from my own fanfic Outside the Loop of Fate. although Meilin's hair is too dark and she shouldn't look so calm.
  • A poster for Outside the loop of fate This poster features Complete Ark, Devil, and complete Elle. If you don't know what all that means then go to the fanfics section and read the fic
  • Ark From Terranigma (if you aren't playing terranigma right now you should be) Terranigma can be played using the zsnes emulator and downloaded from PE 2000
  • Messiah another pic of Ark (why aren't you playing Terranigma right now?) This will only make sense if you play and beat Terranigma. Otherwise it just looks cool


  • Link vs. Sephiroth Honestly I'm wondering why I never drew this before.
  • Adult Link This is actually based on Link from the gamecube Zelda game featuring adult Link. You'll notice the chainmail is featured here, which wasn't in ocorina of time.
  • Wind Waker Ganondorf I thought he was much cooler in windwaker.
  • Modernized Ganondorf And to make it all the darker it's in the rain.
  • Modernized Link Link Modernized and also in the rain. Yes He is facing off with the above modernized Ganondorf. These two pics are two parts of one scene
  • GanondorfOne badass villain. Mixing his skin color was hard but worthwhile.
  • Link VS. Ganondorf The ultimate hero and the ultimate villain. The shading on the sword makes it look bent but I've checked with a streightline tool and it's not.
  • Young Link (oot version) This one I drew not long after the game came out I just forgot to scan it until recently.
  • Link, Marin, and Ganondorf hey where's Zelda? Ah, screw the annoying blond. I think Link and Marin(malon) make a much better couple.
  • Link and Marin(malon) watercolor. Link has put down his sword and is enjoying a quiet moment with the one he loves. awe


  • Terry Bogard vs Akuma Just like the title says. I think Terry's going to win this one.
  • Marina (from mischief makers) an obscure but incredibly fun game for the N64. this is the main character. This is one of my older drawings in fact.
  • Ultimate Knuckles Yet again some spined animal going SSJ with his regular version in the foreground
  • Kasumi From Dead or Alive 2 (this one's for the guys) I'm really pushing the limit here but I will not break the nipple barrier.
  • Kasumi Same pic with color The pic wasn't drawn with color in mind so it's lucky that there is color on this at all.

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