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General Star

Chibis chibis and more chibis seems to be General star's formula for success. And it works so long as your intake of cute below toxic levels.

  • Edgar and SabinIn chibi mode. These are damn good chibis at that.
  • Chibi Aeris Star sure does like chibis huh. I wish I could draw decent chibis.
  • Chibi Cyan Cyan was someone I never removed from my party in FF6. Gen star does a good job of replicating the graphics of the day. I don't remember the mustache though.
  • Red 13 Doggy, Lion, Doggy, Lion, Doggy, head hurts
  • chibi Relm Relm never went into my party but this pic is so cute. *strains to hold lunch down*
  • Terra THis is....GASP...NOT A CHIBI!!! damn good pic too.

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