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Fragart: Mecha


  • Nataku Perfect Four dragons this time one set resembling the space grade and one resembling the custom grade and a new improved helmet too.
  • Wing Zero Perfect this was so detailed and took so long I just gave up after drawing one side and copped out with the cut away spec look
  • Wing Zero Perfect's stuff Assorted accessories
  • Tallgees Perfect This was a challenging pic because I needed to make Tallgees pimped up to the next degree without sacrificing the hardcore soldier look
  • Talgees Perfect's stuff the accessories.
  • Deathscythe Hell Perfect my own original deathscythe variation. Makes an appearance in my fanfic God of Death Once More.
  • Deathscythe Hell Perfect Prototype The original concept art. This one was too dark and sketchy so I re drew it
  • Deathscythe Hell Perfect recollor I gave it a more badass color scheme. This is actually what I had in mind when I came up with the design.
  • Deathscythe Hell Perfect Cloaked This is DSHP with the wings folded. all six of them.
  • Sandrock Perfect Just what it sounds like. I completely redesigned sandrock for this. Now it doesn't look lame.
  • Sandrock Perfect new version This is a much better design for it don't you think?
  • Heavyarms Perfect another perfect grade. In case you'r wondering I actually lost count of the guns I put on this thing.
  • Valkary Perfect Hilde's gundam. This appears in Hilde's tears which is the sequal to God of Death Once More.
  • Close up of Epyon Perfect This is a mouse art but a good one. I didn't have a scanner to scan the whole body so I made this as a preview. Now it's a red and black demon instead of a big purple wus
  • Epyon Perfect the new and improved Epyon.
  • Loki this appears in Hilde's tears. Technicly it's not a gundam though
  • Ragnarok see above
  • Zero System Ditto

    Powered Robo

    Powered Robo is a manga project I eventually want to publish among many others. I decided rather than let my designs sit and wait years in my archives I would display them here. remember if you try to steal them I will hurt your kneecaps with a rusty crowbar.

  • King Daimond an early weaker mecha reffered to as an "armored Robo" along with the pilot whom also pilots the Absolution, Giga Daimond, and Absolution Absoulute
  • Giga Daimond a more powerful Armored robo nearly as powerful as the first generation Powered Robos (hellscream and Absoultion). it's the replacement for the King Daimond
  • Hellscream Vs King Diamond this is a water color action scene
  • Hellscream My own original mecha. I seem to be good at drawing biological mecha. This is the first design I came up with for a concept I'm calling "Powered Robo"
  • Hell Concerto another original mecha. The upgraded version of the Hellscream. This also stems from Powered Robo.
  • Absolutionanother original mecha. The rival suit for the Hellscream from Powered Robo.
  • Absolution's final attacka sort of "end the episode gun" the idea is that extending arm surrounds the enemy then pulls straight slicing up the monster of the day
  • Absolution Absolute upgraded Absolution. This is my favorite of my original Mecha.
  • Shin PoweredFormerly called the Archangel. As I'm developing ideas for Powered Robo this new name came up.
  • A more dramatic view of Shin Powered actually the Shin Powered is solid white but this was drawn to be ultra high contrast and shadowy for dramatic effect.
  • Punching Robot Just a generic fistfighter kind of robot. An "armored Robo" type the purely mechanical predecessors of the Powered Robos
  • Heavy Gun Robot no name yet but this is a heavy assault type armored robo.
  • Zero Eight One variant of the mass produced Powered Robo type.
  • GenoSaberA geneticly enhanced Powered Robo with a nuclear power core. Specificly created to surpass Shin-Powered.
  • Powered Robo-G Countless generations after the events of Powered Robo the powered robo type is rediscovered and using technology discovered from the wreck of Shin-Powered, Powered Robo-G was constructed. Though not as powerful as Shin-Powered it is on par with Absolution Absolute and Hell Concearto.
  • G-TigerA mysterious life form aparently based on Powered Robo architecture.
  • Combining Robots The ship transforms into a robotic dragon and the crane into a robot ninja. Both combine to form...
  • Nindragon Okay corny name I know. These were just quickie sketches I did for fun.


    TF Series
  • Giga Dragon Giga dragon is Gigatron in dragon mode. The color job its self isn't that intense but hey. Everything is better WITH FIRE!
  • X-car the coolest looking spychanger from Car Robots.
  • Machine Wars Megatron Machine wars was a failed TF toyline that had no show. But the toys were cool enough so I drew megatron who is a jet this time around
  • Machine Wars Megatron A new and improved sketch of megatron from Machine Wars. I was after retrospect dissapointed with my old MW Megs. So with a lot of time and a lot of effort and attention to detail I made this. take a look at his hands.
  • Machine Wars Megatron in G1 colors When I made the MW megs pic above I had intended to make two versions. You've seen the version in the toy colors. this one is colored more akin to the Generation one Megatron.
  • Gelshark re incarnate this only makes sense if you read my fanfic "Ironic hero"
  • Black Convoy this is just a quick sketch I did of Black Convoy. He's not my favorite character by far but I thought it would be worth trying to draw him. You'll notice though his sword is much bigger here.
  • Close up of Gigatron a very detailed close up of Gigatron's face. He's very hard to draw.
  • Gigatron's Victory One of my favoriite TFs of all time having finally scored the victory over Fire Convoy. Though sacrificing a limb he carries home a macabre trophie
  • Gigatrton a mouse art. He's hard enough to draw with a pencil so you have to apreciate the hard work it took to draw him with a mouse.
  • Galvatron giving a very clear hand gesture. Actually this is also a prototype for samurai Galvatron. I love the shading on this
  • Galvatron vs. G2 Megatron I think this is the best TF picture I've drawn to date. seven layers of color went into this pic. Two for background, one for base color, two for gradiated shading and two for glare.
  • G1 Optimus Prime I can't believe until now I never even attempted to draw my childhood hero. I think he came out well. I used the same style as the Galvatronvs G2 Megatron picture above.
  • Armada Megatron This uses the same style as the above two pics and I think it tops my Galvatron vs G2 megatron picture in terms of quality.
  • Super Cy-Kill Yes I know he's a gobot but who cares I was feeling retro when I drew him.
    Next Wave
  • Galvatron Samurai style He's neato. And he appears in the Next wave fanfic series.
  • Samurai Galvatron's alt modes he's a trippl changer :) again the dreaded no.2 pencil strikes
  • Optimus Feral (beast mode) another custon TF. the main character of the Next wave series.
  • Optimus Feral (robot mode) yes he is Cheetor.
  • Flytrap more custom TF goodness. another character from the next wave series.
  • PurpleBolt one more TF! It took me three tries to make her look right. fembots har hard to draw.
  • Feral Prime the new and improved optimus Feral. You'll see him in the Next wave series.
  • Close up of Feral Prime So you can see his prime ness. This only tooke me 10 minutes to draw, scan, edit and upload. WOW!
  • Feral Prime's beast mode a really cool looking white winged cheetah.
  • Galvastorm's alt mode Galvastorm appears in Transformers: Next wave which was my first transformers fanfic series. go read he's cool
  • Galvastorm in robot mode just what it sounds like. now go read :)
  • Vehitron the villain throughout most of Next wave. You'll notice he's based on the Tankor toy and for good reason
  • Omnicron's massive ship mode This is the version of Omnicron that appears in Next wave. you can notice the influence of the giant saucers from the movie Independance day.
  • Omnicron in robot mode The next wave version of Omnicron though smaller than Unicron proves to be a much more serious threat.
  • Close up of Omnicron A name which literally means from Latine "all time" a fearsome creation if ever there was one. I wanted to show that evil in this picture

    Evolution Revolution
  • Neon Prime vehicle modea custom transformer. It's about time the primes thought about aerodynamics
  • Neon Prime robot modea custom transformer. there's a little of every prime in his design. He's a prominant character in Evolution Revolution and the same body design was used for Neo Convoy from Next wave although they are not the same character.
  • Neon Prime with his trailers/base it's a standard that all Primes must have a trialer that becomes a base. Of course this dual trailer rig also merges with Neon Prime to become...
  • Super Neon Prime a version where Prime merges with his trailers. Although the form was too taxing on the weaker Neo Convoy Prime can handle it. You want to know more? read the fics
  • Close up on Super Neon Prime Take a look at his finger. Prime telling the decepticons exactly what he thinks of them
  • God Monger's main vehicle mode God Monger is the main character in my fanfic Evolution Revolution which is the best damn TF fic I've ever written. As you can see Godmonger is an ICBM carrier with the missile actually holding numerous smaller rockets for a surprise attack
  • God Monger's bod mode you'll also notice a picture of his flight mode above him. Godmonger carries firepower up the yinyang. And it comes in handy when he merges with Neon Prime to form....
  • SUPER GOD NEON PRIME Carrying so many weapons it's not even funny
  • LastRide vehicle modea custom transformer. World's first transformer Herse
  • LastRide robot modea custom transformer. and equally evil in robot mode.
  • longline (both modes)a custom transformer. No.2 pencil strikes again.
  • Omnicron's from Evolution revolution A smaller incomplete form of Omnicron but still insanely powerful.
  • Close up A look at Omnicron's face showing off the detail of his body as well.
  • Giga Gaia alt mode This is another form taken by Omnicron in Evolution Revolution. It's inspired by the giant walker tank from Ghost in the shell but this one carries a lot more firepower
  • Giga Gaia's Robot mode Again showing an insane number of Guns
  • True Omnicron His body destroyed Omnicron reveals himself as a being of pure energy.
  • Timestream fittingly enough he transforms into a delorian which I drew very poorly :(
  • Shinden the assassin from Evolution Revolution. He's actually based on a japanese WW2 yet prototype that never was created. I thought it looked cool so I made a TF out of it
  • The Build Bots again from Evolution Revolution. This is a 3 bot merge group that combines to become...
  • Constructor 3 robots to build things and one big one to take bad guys apart.
  • Big Build The secret 4th Build bot who leads the group and can add himself to Constructor to become...
  • Construct King now he has armor and hands as well as the abillty to unite the weapons into the giant Construct Canon (an ironic name if ever there was one)
  • Fathom an enormous submarine decepticon who appears in Evolution Revolution...Need I say more?
  • Black Wing One of the Decepticon air strike unit brother and subbordinant to...
  • Night Wing A feisty decepticon fem who's shown a real zeal for leadership even though she goes at ends with her leader from time to time
  • Buzzwing a tripple changer from WW2 motorcycle to robot to futuristic hellicopter. He's also the third member of the decepticon air strike unit
  • The Verticons a helliplane, an attack chopper, an armored tropp carrier copter, and a harrier jump jet make up this group of scientist/warrior decepticons who have the hidden tallent to become...
  • Axis a gun laden war machine that provides heavy firepower where manuverabillty fails
  • Political Magnatron this only makes sense if you read Evolution Revolution
  • Magnatron the badass decepticon leader from Evoltuion revolution, whom transforms into a FREAKING GUN. oldschool.
  • X a one letter name. the bodygaurd of Magnatron and an ass kicker
  • Omegatron robot mode Omegatron is the rebuilt Magnatron with a buttload of power.
  • 4 of omegatron's alt modes He's a six changer. In addition to robot mode he (topt to bottom) becomes a submarine, tank, jet, and dragon. His sixth mode invovles merging with X to become
  • Omegatron-X the ultimate decepticon warrior
  • Close up of Omegatron X see the title
  • Super Voyager base and flight modes the enormous base that serves as the Autobot's home base thorughout Evolution Revolution
  • Super Voyager Robot mode You want to see when that happens? Read the fic

    Dark Destruction
  • Die Cutlas This is an original character I actually built a toy of and have sitting on my shelf right now. I liked it so much I drew a fanart of it
  • Die Cutlas Full color With a lot of time and effort I rendered this awsome pic of Die Cutlas ready to kick some ass.

  • Cy Kill redesigned remember gobots? remember how much they sucked? Well I had the idea to redesign one and try to make it look like a cool TF.
  • Nameless Convoy/prime type robotThis was going to be a pic of Fire Convoy but I screwed it up so it looks like a convoy but non in particular.
  • Finnished head for Transtech Silverbolt I guess this is sort of an inside thing. Transtech is a transformers concept that hasbro never produced but we fans did get to see some of the original sketches. Among them Silverbolt whom the artist had not completed the head for. So I did.
  • Mach team vehicle modes More characters from our upcoming fanfic. Mach Fortress, Mach buster, and Mach bomber
  • Mach team robot modes You'll notice though that Mach fortress has no robot mode. He's just a big drone.
  • Mach Exodus Jet mode When the mach team merges it forms Mach exodus. This is the first configuration a powerful aircraft
  • Mach Exodus Robot mode This is the second configuration where the mach team merges to form a powerful robot


    These are TFs I've done for other people

  • Diablotron Beast modeThis is an original character concieved by Tarngold and designed my me.
  • Diablotron Robot mode The robot mode of Diablotron one of the villains for a fic project which is a collaborative efforte between myself and Tarngold
  • Close up of Diablotron This is for a better look at his face
  • Harrier This is again for a fic between myself and Tarngold. This is a character of my own design whom is a "vehicle armorer" His small drone can become armor.
  • Gali Tarngold came up with this character and I drew him. He's evil don't you think.
  • Holocon Another of Tarngold's characters. Transforms into a hologram projector pad thingie
  • Close up of Holocon This time without the face mask letting you get a better idea of what he looks like.

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