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Fragart: Digital Art


  • Osama Bin Laden meets the Fireball O Justice That lousy S.O.B. deserves it too.
  • Dark Goku transformation This is just a wierd idea I had for an evil Goku transformation. Just check it out. it's cool (animated)
  • Link beating up an octorock. This was the first real animated gif I made. if you're wondering why the octorock keeps moving side to side it's because when I tried to screencap it the octorock kept moving.
  • Link on acid I must have been very bored when I made this.
  • Link and some zelda characters camping ditto here.
  • Guardian legend animation Thanks to Dragondre (not to be confused with dragon) for providing the sprites that were used for making this. These same sprites will be used in an RPG he's developing. Densetsu kicks ass doesn't she.
  • Soul blazer animation A meeting of characters from Soul Blazer and the sequal I'llusion of Gaia.
  • Sephiroth gets his This feels so good to watch. Behold the Fireball 'O' Justice!
  • Chibi Duo doing aerobaticsanimated This was made from a little chibi art of Duo. I just cut it up and made this from it.
  • Magus walking down a roadanimated...I was bored okay.
  • Gigatron Transforming I HAD to make this one. (warning: is helluva huge) 700K to be exact. I captured this from the series opening.
  • Galvatron has a mood swing animated. This is made from one of the pics I colored for Tony.
  • An animated comercial for HFUFF over 300 K I originally wanted to use this as my link banner but it's too big.
  • Samurai shodown characters argue over emulation Animated. I think Ukyo likes to use NeoRage. Don't ask me why it's just a guess.


    You'll notice that each wallpaper is available in both jpg and bitmap versions. The jpgs are primarilly for you to preview the wallpaper. I highly recomend that if you want to use one for your background you should use the bitmap version. It's easier for your computer to display bitmaps than it is jpgs so it won't cause lag. The Bitmap version is also a higher quallity image. Don't worry the filesize isn't too nasty since the bitmaps are compressed into zip files. You do have WINZIP right?

  • Minish wallpaperFor bitmap version click HERE From Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. This is one of those adorable little forest minish, with a clover acting as a parasol to shield him from the sun. I used two official art pieces from Nintendo to assemble this. I cut Link out of the background pic and filled in with surrounding background then overlayed the Minish. I adjusted the shading on the minish to match with the background.
  • Caffiene wallpaperFor bitmap version click HERE I really recomend you download the bitmap version for use on your desktop as it's a much more clear image. I made the stormy looking background foreground and text but the CG model of the caffiene mollecule was courtesy of the institute of science. and yes "the" is intentionally spelled like that.
  • Ukyo Winamp Skin This isn't my first winamp skin but it is the first one I've done for Samurai Shodown and the first I've put on HFUFF. I have two others over at CFAS. You say you don't know what winamp is? Well go look here
  • Bastard!! 4 lords of havoc wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE Like I said when I made my first Bastard!! wallpaper I wanted to make one for the 4 lords of Havoc and here it is. Thanks to emulation I was able to get these pics from the SNES game.
  • Leena Wallpaper (Zoids Zero) for bitmap version click HERE Lots of layers and lots of transparencies went into this picture. If you like the girl with guns (and lots of blue) give this a look. Sorry about the weird stuff around her Hair as much as I tried I couldn't find what layer it was on to get rid of it.
  • Zoids Zero Bit Cloud paper for bitmap version click HERE This wallpaper is for Bit cloud and the liger zero. most of the images I used come from the japanese opening and closing of Zoids New Century Zero.
  • Princess Mononoke Wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE it took a lot of work to change the expressions on San and Ashitaka's faces. You'll also notice Moro's face in the burning background. the flames actually come from not the movie but a pic of mewtwo which I use every time I need some cool looking fire.
  • Yuu Yuu Hakusho Wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE This wallpaper has the main four ass kickers from the series. Actually I got the screencaps from the four games for snes.
  • Wonder Project J Wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE I took some cinima screencaps and some sprites from the game to make this wallpaper. A very happy looking wallpaper that just might cheer you up if you're feeling down.
  • Dragon Megatron wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE I actually used a pic of the new botcon character Cryotek and changed the colors to make this one. Instead of just doing a pallet swap I went with a different route to change the colors so he would have that wicked glowing look
  • Megaman wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE using some screenshots you can see the assembled cast of good guys in an old timey type photo look whith the ghostly figures of Bass and Dr. Wily overlaying it.
  • Megman X and Zero Wallpaper for bitmap version click HERE This one was pretty simple to assemble using screenshots from Megaman X3. two damn cool characters ready for battle in front of a futuristic skyline.
  • Sasami wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE Just a cool wallpaper devoted to my 3rd favorite Tenchi Muyo paper. The first and second being Kagato and Ryo-Ohki. Ryo-ohki just happense to make an apperance in this wallpaper too. If you like cute or are just into the Tenchi series take a look.
  • Guardian legend Manga Wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE I took two covers from the TGL manga to make this wallpaper and laced it with some of my favorite scenes from the manga.
  • G rated TGL manga wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE This is the same as the above wallpaper with tha addition of a wet suit on Densetsu and a little touching up here and there. If for some reason you didn't want any nudity on your desktop you can use this version instead.
  • Transformers Icon Set I took some pics of G1 Prime and G2 Megatron and made a set of 4 icons from them. Download them and do with them as you please.
  • Generation One Megatron wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE it took me a while to find just the right pictures to compose this rather wicked looking wallpaper. It's a twisted testement to the G1 Gun and the death and destruction entaled in the name Megatron
  • Transtech Decepticons paper For the bitmap version click HERE Transtech was a transformers series that never made it. I found some of the original concept art and made a wallpaper from some of it
  • Transformers: Car Robots windows background CLICK HERE to download a zip file with high quality bitmap version of this background.(special note: while I applied all of the color, shading and digital editing the original drawing was not my own.)
  • Nakoruru wallpaper For bitmap version click HERE. It's been a while since I made a samurai shodown wallpaper and I think I've improved. Only nakoruru is original everything else is an original creation made in paint shop pro. You'll also find this is 800x600 due to popular request.
  • Nakoruru and Rimururu wallpaper 640x480 For a zip file containing a hight quallity bitmap version wallpaper CLICK HERE I extracted these pics form samurai shodown3. I don't carry 800x600 wallpapers anymore due to their large file size. Windows can automaticly stretch it for you to fit your screen anyway.
  • Zankuro wallpaper For a high quallity bitmap version click hereCLICK HERE Like zankuro? Want to see zankuro all the time? then download. It was actually an accident that the pic has that cool ghosty look. I decided to keep it as it looked cooler than my original idea.
  • Samurai Shodown trading card wallpaper For a high quallity bitmap versionCLICK HERE These were extracted from the ending of Samurai Shodown3. It was a pain and a half to make this.
  • Kazuki and Hazuki wallpaper For a high quallity bitmap versionCLICK HERE This is a compilation from Kazuki's ending in Samurai Shodown 4 in which he rescues his sister Hazuki. It just begged for me to do something with it. The forest makes for a pleasent backdrop but you may want to change your color scheme to fit.
  • Parchemnt style Zankuro wallpaper for a bitmat version click HERE Like the title says it looks kind of like an old piece of artwork on a parchment. As always I won't put up a background unless I live with it myself for a few days.
  • Tenchi Muyo Wallpaper for a bitmat version click HERE This is a collage of the main cast. For some reason I wasn't able to get rid of that yellow glow around Sasami but it's otherwise good. Mabey it's a bit happy for some though.
  • Metal Slug X wallpaper for a bitmat version click HERE I have to say I absolutely love Metal slug X. I preffer playing as the Femal character you see on the right side of the screen. This picture appears randomly during the credits. Odds aren't very good of seeing it so I made a point of taking a screencap. then I just expanded it to make a wallpaper and added the text. hardly an artwork but I thought I should share it.
  • Aeris Wallpaper For a bitmap verision click HERE This was mad from an FMV still from FF7 that I found online. I didn't do much to make this other than clean it up and add in the text at the top.
  • Carrie Fernandez Wallpaper For a bitmap version click HERE Using some official konami art I was able to construct a nice windows wallpaper for the under apreciated vampire hunter from the N64 Castlevania games.
  • A really creepy Carrie wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE a much creepier carrie wallpaper.
  • Another Carrie wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE I kind of had the idea for a "virtual carrie" going on in this one. Just take a look and you'll understand.
  • Galvatron Wallpaperfor the bitmap version click HERE made from an actual panel of the Transformers comic. I took a lot of time to make Galvatron's colors more like his Cartoon counterpart. I also played with some of the colors to make it look more sinister
  • Starscream Toy wallpaperFor the bitmap version click HERE Just a cool oldchool wallpaper.
  • Sonic and Tails wallpaper For the bitmap version CLICK HERE I made this with the ending screens for sonic and tails from Sonic the Hedgehog2 and combined them. it's a fun and happy background but mabey too cute for some.
  • SSJ Sonic and Knuckles wallpaperFor the bitmap version clickHERE This comes from getting the good endings for sonic3 and knuckles. I combined them into one kickass image. It was difficult to get the CG knuckles to look natural in the same pic with a 2D SSJ sonic but I got it right eventually
  • Wallpaper of sonic, tails, and knuckles all in SSJ mode for the bitmap version click HERE it took me long enough to get all the screenshots I needed for this but damn it was cool to kick ass with all these guys.
  • Mazinger Z wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE I actually made this using screenshots from the mazinger Z SNES game. MAJIN GO MAJIN GO MAJINGAAAAAA ZZZZZEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bastard!!! Wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE I wasn't able to get this quite perfect due to some compression artifacts in the original images but it still is pretty cool. But i really want to make one for the 4 lords of chaos but first I need good pics of Gara, Kall-Su, and Abigail whom you'll notice are missing from this wallpaper.
  • Dark Side Goku wallpaper For the bitmap version click HERE I was playing around with the colors on a pic of goku and after a few things turned purple I decided to run with the idea and made this extreamly evil looking wallpaper.
  • Guardian Legend wallpaper and startup shutdown screens I managed to salvage this from the old windows theme that never quite worked. I'd like to note that the wallpaper was not made by me but given by a kind contrubuter.
  • Samurai Shodown Wallpaper and startup/shutdown screens Salvaged from the old Samurai shodown theme. I hope you like Amakusa because with the wallpaper you're gonna be staring at his purple mug for a long time
  • Deathscythe Wallpaper and Startup/shutdown screens You know you don't have enough deathscythe in your life. Now you can have Shinigami himself staring back from your monitor.
  • Gowkaizer screen saver This is pretty good and made with freeware. Only a few frames to this so the file is relatively small. Make sure to read the README file.


    Message board signiture pics some made for myself some for others.

    I am a swordSomething I did to play with hard edged transparent layers.
    Animated AvitarAn avatar with cape blowing in the wind. altered a sprite from the Bastard SNES game to make this.
    A Gigatron Sigthis one I use on TFW.
    GigatronSama vs Shin-Goukia joke pic I made for TFW. Shin-Gouki is a fellow staffer there.
    Sig for GojiGoji is a player and staffer at MMM. He didn't have a sig at the time so I made one for his character.
    50 hit comboDedicated to my 50 hit combo with Bust Ukyo. OWNED!
    Love Hina sigthis took me about 5 minutes to make. Just did it for fun.
    I'll Kill you!no that's the name of the sig. Again I was playing with transparent layers.
    Meat WadBased on Aqua teen hunger force.
    Radiskull and Devildolldedicated to Radiskull and Devildoll. You can find the series HERE
    Mr. Refereeon MMM I'm also a judge.
    Rage of the MachineDedicated to my Genobreaker on MMM.
    Transtech MegatronI never ended up using this one but it uses the transtech Megatron sketch.
    Nakoruru in Snow based on the same pic as the wallpaper. In fact this is what I was making in the first place. The pic was just so good that I made a wallpaper as a biproduct before I reduced it.


    These are made by altering game sprites (mostly 8 bit) to make new characters.

    Kitsune man An original megaman robot master. He can become temporarilly invisible and yields the Foxfire weapon.
    Luna Man His Luna shield absorbs damage to a point when it explodes damaging anything nearby.
    Commando ManOne of my original megaman style Robot masters. Boasting a heavy bazooka, quad missile launcher, and vulcan gun. Megaman would pick up the Missile storm from him.
    Ninja manAnother megaman style robot master. With two swords as his primary attack and wall clinging abillity. Megaman would pick up the Ninja Dash from him.
    Turbine Man His primary the obligitory water robot master wielding the turbine Hurricane a crushing spiral of water
    Shock Mancan you believe that name wasn't taken yet? His arc Shocker is almost as nasty as the original elec beam.
    Vac ManThe oldest of my robot masters (I originally thought him up for the contest Capcom held for robot designs to appear in Megaman 5. obviously I didn't win. But he's still my favorite. He wields the Shrapnel Vacume which sucks in pieces of the environment damaging anything that gets in the way incoming then fires it back off in a compressed cube.
    Sky Man The last of the original megaman sprites. He flies around his room and tries to blow megaman off with high winds. Megaman would pick up the homega missile. A single missile that does enormous damage over a wide area but drains half the weapon energy for one shot.
  • Ultimate Knuckles I altered a sprite of knuckles to make him super powered up.


  • The Girl from Guardian Legend relaxingOriginal Drawn by Tim. colored by me.
  • Yours truly assimilliated by the borg resistance is futile. This is actually made from my student ID pic.
  • Galvatron close upand Galvatron side viewDrawn by Tony (owner of and colored by me
  • Colored pic of Ai Original by Laserwave. He based this off of my old pic of Ai relaxing. He's damn good.
  • Tsunami I was bored okay.
  • Jetstorm goes to New york He's on vacation
  • Jetstorm hits the beach More from Jetstorm's vacation
  • Jetstorm at the Statue of liberty He's still on vacation. Where will he end up next?
  • Giga DJ I took the gigatron toy and started playing with colors and ended up decking him out for the disco.
  • Sith Gigatron I always wanted a red and black gigatron. Takara wouldn't make the toy so throught the glories of image editing software I made my own.
  • Hell Gigatron this isn't really that much of an impressive pic but it's still very evil looking
  • Trainimus prime goes to hell I did this by request for a dude by the same name as the sinner in question. He seems to enjoy it too much
  • Lio convoy goes to Hell this pic was done by request for a dude named Flash convoy. BTW if you want a character sent to hell just ask.
  • GodMagnus Goes to Hell This was requested by a TFW board member named Death star. it serves the toy right for having those ungodly long legs
  • Wheelie goes to Hell we all hated his rhyming and his tendancy to appear in ever friggin post movie episode of transformers. Now he gets his punnishment. It took me forever to find a pic of him with just the right look on his face
  • Burning Convoy goes to Hell It's kind of hard to explain who burning convoy is but he is a japanese transformer and I sent him to hell by request of a dude by the same name.
  • Obsidian and stryka toys with show accurate colors These are two characters from the Transformers Beast Machines series that had very cool toys with one drawback. The colors were wrong. Well not any more.
  • me with blue anime hair Just a little recolor of a photo of me
  • Me gone SSJ another lil recolor of myself.
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