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Fragstuff: Anime and Manga


  • Duo doing an evil tellaport thingy I originally wanted him turning into bats but alas I'm not good enough to draw that so I just went with shreds of shadow. still looks cool though
  • godess of deathWell it was supposed to be Hilde(gundamW) but while it looks nothing like her it still turned out cool

  • Duo MaxwellThe god of death! Duo always calls himself the God of Death so I decided to depict him as death. It fits him don't you think?

  • Touched by an angel (OF DEATH) a nice pic of Duo and Hilde. This is kind of a twisted version of the sistien chapel roof. I know Hilde doesn't actually have a ponytail but I wanted to make her look more femminin.


  • Lain(Charcoal) From "Serial Experiments Lain" I just drew her in her school uniform here. a simple focused drawing to get the character design down.

  • Laina surreal pic. This so far is the only use I've found for the add noise option of paint shop.

  • Lainin the shadow of a birds wing. This was inspired by two parts of the series opening. One where she's in the TV yelling at someone and the other from near the end of the opening where her face is in the shadow of a crow's wing.

    Sailor Moon

  • Ami Mizunoa full color pic. Yeah that's skimpy even for an anime depiction of a japanese school uniform.
  • Usagi with a bigass swordI felt like drawing Usagi, I felt like drawing a midieval outfit and I felt like drawing a bigass sword. so i drew this and got it all out of my system at once.

    Sorcerer Hunters

  • DotaFrom Sorcerer Hunters. Yes her voice is annoying but she is kind of cute. This pic is more based on the manga version. I didn't really care enough to bother shading this pic though.

  • Tira From Sorcerer hunters. This is a watercolor. I was happy that I was able to make the transparency on the glasses look right.

  • Tira again this is actually a very old pic.
  • Chocolate Ditto here
  • Chocolate and Tira yet another old pic.
  • Tira and Carrot more old isht
  • Carrot nothing new here
  • Maron If you haven't seen it, it's new to you.


  • Pretty Sammy an old pic actually.
  • PrettySammy This was just a quick sketch that came out pretty well. I have to tell you that hair is fun to draw.

  • Sasami Look she made a sand castle (warning very kawaii). I so rarely draw backgrounds so I used this for practice. I had a bit of trouble making the sunset look right.

  • Ryoko expressing a valid point. I'm proud of the work I did on the hand. Drawing hands is hard.

  • SasamiDrawn with MSpaint. Behold the wonders of mouse art. as for why she's wearing boots. Do you know how hard it is to draw feet with a mouse?


  • Yet another sexy Ai pic This one is a bit risque but I retain that HFUFF will never break the "nipple barrier" and this is probably my last AI pic for awhile. I tried a new shading technique here didn't quite get it right this time but the next pic I made I did.
  • A sexy pic of Ai the title says it all. I'm very prod of how proffessional this looks after editing.
  • Ai's offtime Yup when she's not dispatching the troops she's playing with the toys.
  • Ai chan from Transformers: Car Robots (japan only) She actually looks like a kid here. I drew this after I saw the first eppisode which was kind of blurry and I mistook her for a kid.
  • Ai from Car Robots relaxing Yes the term "relaxing" in HFUFF means "sitting around while wearing very little."
  • a christmas pic of Ai I originally drew this for a contest. I didn't win despite Ai's popularity so I'm putting it up here.
  • Yuki Onishi from Car robots Mouse art. Because no one else would draw him.


  • Leena Tauros This pic is more based on the manga version of Leena than the more familliar anime version.
  • Echs and G. Liger No don't go looking for a model of the G liger I made it up and as you can see I never finished the sketch. Echs too is my own creation. and don't bother looking for a fic with him in it, I never wrote one. He exists entirely as a piece of original artwork.


  • Dark Shneider From Bastard!! (the exclaimation points are part of the title) yet another fanart giving the universal gesture.
  • Harley QuinFrom Batman. Yeah I know not anime but this was as close as I could think of.
  • Cheetara Thundercats kicks ass. This is my own more modernized version.
  • goofy pic of Gene StarwindFrom Outlaw Star. I figured I'd just make a pic to make fun of all the guns in the show.
  • a goofy DBZ mini manga making fun of Freeza's american "old lady" voice. come on you were thinking the same thing.
  • ZeiramOne of the first fanarts I ever drew. I got the idea for the text from an advertizement which I forget what it was for.

  • Jase My favorite member of the Ginyu force. If you look closely you'll see his right hand has some funky stuff around the glove. This is because I accidently drew the hand backwards. So I flipped it around in the editing stage. I had to use a line tool to cover where the lines don't match up.

  • Vampire Hunter D well his back anyway. Lots and lots of shading went into this.

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